Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Age of Innocence

I am running through the tall grass on the highway meridian.  I think- I am the first and only person to walk here. On the ground I have stepped on, it is virgin territory. It is pure. I am pure. I am uncluttered.  I smile; I let the sun warm my skin. I like that very much.  I am real. I am free. I am unique.  I am growth personified.  Like a blade of grass in a field of grass. I am singular and I am part of a greater whole. 

I love
I love everyone and everything.
I talk with G-d and G-d hears me.  I am not alone…ever. I can ….do, be, do, be

I trust.
I trust myself. I know myself, I know my thoughts
I have thoughts.  My thoughts are unique to me.

I trust others…implicitly.  I am not afraid of others
I trust others and I trust G-d.
I am not afraid

I am not afraid of what others think of me
I don’t second guess me or others

I smile freely
I love what I am doing in the moment and I love everyone
I love G-d

If someone is upset
If someone is upset at me
It has nothing to do with me
I would not upset anyone…intentionally

If I am wrong, I’m sorry
And if I am will pass

I am in a wood near a stream, looking for salamanders. I am an explorer.  My eyes and ears are my tools. I am in the shade of the green canopy by the little stream watching the water rush around the rocks. I love the way the rocks look so clean in the clear rushing water. I collect the rocks. This one is special. As I am special.

I sing..all the time,
By Myself
With my friends
With G-d

I dance too
I am happy

I try my best in everything
And if I fail, I just fail a little because I tried my best and therefore I succeeded in what I set out to do…my best
I try again.

I consider others…
Can I help
How can I help
What do they need
Can I get it, do it, be it?

I climbed up the ditch with my homemade bow and arrow, searching for wild boar.  There are no wild boar. But that doesn't matter.  I am still searching, hunting...wild boar

Do I know the truth
Do I know the truth about me?
Do I see myself?
Can I assess myself with honesty
Do I strive for TRUTH
Do I strive for Truth and Kindness

This is the Age of Innocence